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zLOT Zloty, (Polish: “gold coin”) monetary unit of Poland. Each zloty (spelled złoty in Polish) is divided into 100 groszy. The National Bank of PolandNarodowy Bank PolskiNarodowy Bank Polski is the central bank of Poland. It controls the issuing of Poland's currency, the złoty. The Bank is headquartered in Warsaw, and has branches in 16 major Polish towns. The NBP represents Poland in the European System of Central Banks, an EU organization.en.wikipedia.org has the exclusive right to issue currency in the country. Coins range from 1 groszy to 5 zlotys, and bills are issued in amounts varying between 10 and 200 zlotys.

Market capitalization of zLOT (ZLOT)

Market cap: $0

As of December 2021 zLOT has a market cap of 0. This makes zLOT the world's 537th largest crypto project.

Price history of zLOT

Date Price Volume
Dec Tuesday 7th, 2021$102.17$0
Dec Tuesday 7th, 2021$102.17$0
Dec Monday 6th, 2021$102.15$0
Dec Sunday 5th, 2021$102.14$0
Dec Saturday 4th, 2021$104.50$251
Dec Friday 3rd, 2021$104.04$128
Dec Thursday 2nd, 2021$120.97$0
Dec Wednesday 1st, 2021$120.81$1
Nov Tuesday 30th, 2021$100.99$30
Nov Monday 29th, 2021$99.90$54
Nov Sunday 28th, 2021$106.34$90
Nov Saturday 27th, 2021$110.37$52
Nov Friday 26th, 2021$125.06$164
Nov Thursday 25th, 2021$74.98$0
Nov Wednesday 24th, 2021$105.90$0
Nov Tuesday 23rd, 2021$106.04$207
Nov Monday 22nd, 2021$142.60$0
Nov Sunday 21st, 2021$152.54$5
Nov Saturday 20th, 2021$146.88$0
Nov Friday 19th, 2021$123.78$5.33K
Nov Thursday 18th, 2021$120.59$840
Nov Wednesday 17th, 2021$130.32$396
Nov Tuesday 16th, 2021$131.33$1.01K
Nov Monday 15th, 2021$151.64$0
Nov Sunday 14th, 2021$174.95$1.08K
Nov Saturday 13th, 2021$133.73$1.48K
Nov Friday 12th, 2021$156.49$2.84K
Nov Thursday 11th, 2021$172.31$0
Nov Wednesday 10th, 2021$158.32$0
Nov Tuesday 9th, 2021$114.98$0
Nov Monday 8th, 2021$108.41$635
Nov Sunday 7th, 2021$106.02$0
Nov Saturday 6th, 2021$120.50$0
Nov Friday 5th, 2021$105.50$951
Nov Thursday 4th, 2021$125.28$1.24K
Nov Wednesday 3rd, 2021$126.86$0
Nov Tuesday 2nd, 2021$139.06$0
Nov Monday 1st, 2021$141.16$891
Oct Sunday 31st, 2021$153.59$2.16K
Oct Saturday 30th, 2021$174.40$0
Oct Friday 29th, 2021$149.79$4.43K
Oct Thursday 28th, 2021$156.15$1.62K
Oct Wednesday 27th, 2021$199.10$0
Oct Tuesday 26th, 2021$229.18$138.06K
Oct Monday 25th, 2021$58.24$5
Oct Sunday 24th, 2021$61.26$0
Oct Saturday 23rd, 2021$61.24$0
Oct Friday 22nd, 2021$58.71$119
Oct Thursday 21st, 2021$47.10$62.16K
Oct Wednesday 20th, 2021$43.24$49.67K
Oct Tuesday 19th, 2021$50.08$111.04K
Oct Monday 18th, 2021$49.90$96.67K
Oct Sunday 17th, 2021$50.48$67.17K
Oct Saturday 16th, 2021$45.06$145.68K
Oct Friday 15th, 2021$44.38$80.47K
Oct Thursday 14th, 2021$43.40$117.26K
Oct Wednesday 13th, 2021$43.00$89.5K
Oct Tuesday 12th, 2021$42.99$78.4K
Oct Monday 11th, 2021$40.36$157K
Oct Sunday 10th, 2021$48.77$115.75K