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Trustswap What Is TrustSwap Coin (SWAP)? TrustSwap is a distributed platform, cryptocurrency and protocol that promises a new evolution to decentralized finance (DeFi). It aims to achieve this through next-generation multi-chain token swaps and other functionalities that aim to solve existing problems with split payments, subscriptions and cross-chain token swaps.

Market capitalization of Trustswap (SWAP)

Market cap: $17.13M

As of December 2022 Trustswap has a market cap of 17.13M. This makes Trustswap the world's 484th largest crypto project.

Price history of Trustswap

Date Price Volume
Dec Tuesday 6th, 2022$0.1786$391.79K
Dec Tuesday 6th, 2022$0.1807$372.94K
Dec Monday 5th, 2022$0.1780$206.35K
Dec Sunday 4th, 2022$0.1791$142.21K
Dec Saturday 3rd, 2022$0.1802$179.09K
Dec Friday 2nd, 2022$0.1756$188.88K
Dec Thursday 1st, 2022$0.1798$470.32K
Nov Wednesday 30th, 2022$0.1729$200.71K
Nov Tuesday 29th, 2022$0.1698$157.28K
Nov Monday 28th, 2022$0.1724$259.03K
Nov Sunday 27th, 2022$0.1714$157.69K
Nov Saturday 26th, 2022$0.1737$224.3K
Nov Friday 25th, 2022$0.1754$302.26K
Nov Thursday 24th, 2022$0.1776$383.95K
Nov Wednesday 23rd, 2022$0.1675$471.87K
Nov Tuesday 22nd, 2022$0.1653$523.96K
Nov Monday 21st, 2022$0.1766$203.07K
Nov Sunday 20th, 2022$0.1757$154.04K
Nov Saturday 19th, 2022$0.1783$293.96K
Nov Friday 18th, 2022$0.1758$545.45K
Nov Thursday 17th, 2022$0.1778$318.88K
Nov Wednesday 16th, 2022$0.1844$313.9K
Nov Tuesday 15th, 2022$0.1844$315.52K
Nov Monday 14th, 2022$0.1934$236.58K
Nov Sunday 13th, 2022$0.1984$246.96K
Nov Saturday 12th, 2022$0.2044$311.52K
Nov Friday 11th, 2022$0.2073$586.98K
Nov Thursday 10th, 2022$0.1928$537.98K
Nov Wednesday 9th, 2022$0.2073$593.36K
Nov Tuesday 8th, 2022$0.2216$323.99K
Nov Monday 7th, 2022$0.2248$442.18K
Nov Sunday 6th, 2022$0.2233$198.35K
Nov Saturday 5th, 2022$0.2185$332.42K
Nov Friday 4th, 2022$0.2172$420.72K
Nov Thursday 3rd, 2022$0.2123$601.35K
Nov Wednesday 2nd, 2022$0.2150$509.7K
Nov Tuesday 1st, 2022$0.2250$530.43K
Oct Monday 31st, 2022$0.2235$318.47K
Oct Sunday 30th, 2022$0.2240$522.13K
Oct Saturday 29th, 2022$0.2307$339.65K
Oct Friday 28th, 2022$0.2299$1.04M
Oct Thursday 27th, 2022$0.2406$771.26K
Oct Wednesday 26th, 2022$0.2396$824.27K
Oct Tuesday 25th, 2022$0.2357$871.45K
Oct Monday 24th, 2022$0.2339$818.77K
Oct Sunday 23rd, 2022$0.2455$4.2M
Oct Saturday 22nd, 2022$0.2445$677.08K
Oct Friday 21st, 2022$0.2377$1.93M
Oct Thursday 20th, 2022$0.2304$416.95K
Oct Wednesday 19th, 2022$0.2271$977.48K
Oct Tuesday 18th, 2022$0.2259$2.56M
Oct Monday 17th, 2022$0.2139$982.6K
Oct Sunday 16th, 2022$0.2177$4.25M
Oct Saturday 15th, 2022$0.2512$8.24M
Oct Friday 14th, 2022$0.2102$453.24K
Oct Thursday 13th, 2022$0.2091$662.93K
Oct Wednesday 12th, 2022$0.2104$404.19K
Oct Tuesday 11th, 2022$0.2101$1.29M
Oct Monday 10th, 2022$0.2078$638.53K
Oct Sunday 9th, 2022$0.2061$970.1K