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STP Network buy/sell Stp Network (STPT) is not a mineable cryptocurrency which is first started on June 05, 2019. It is using the N/A algorithm and a N/A coin proof type. Stp Network has a circulating supply of 1,025,143,223 coins and a total market cap of $82,752,660 which ranks it at position 354.

Market capitalization of STP Network (STPT)

Market cap: $0

As of October 2021 STP Network has a market cap of 0. This makes STP Network the world's 286th largest crypto project.

Price history of STP Network

Date Price Volume
Oct Wednesday 20th, 2021$0.1604$532.68M
Oct Tuesday 19th, 2021$0.1431$39.72M
Oct Monday 18th, 2021$0.1480$44.13M
Oct Sunday 17th, 2021$0.1534$101.74M
Oct Saturday 16th, 2021$0.1536$275.78M
Oct Friday 15th, 2021$0.1755$526.01M
Oct Thursday 14th, 2021$0.1869$1.52B
Oct Wednesday 13th, 2021$0.1460$221.24M
Oct Tuesday 12th, 2021$0.1439$443.33M
Oct Monday 11th, 2021$0.1382$121.77M
Oct Sunday 10th, 2021$0.1459$139.63M
Oct Saturday 9th, 2021$0.1628$532.47M
Oct Friday 8th, 2021$0.1991$1.32B
Oct Thursday 7th, 2021$0.1946$3.3B
Oct Wednesday 6th, 2021$0.1431$3B
Oct Tuesday 5th, 2021$0.0573$12.67M
Oct Monday 4th, 2021$0.0594$12.65M
Oct Sunday 3rd, 2021$0.0606$25.74M
Oct Saturday 2nd, 2021$0.0623$129.27M
Oct Friday 1st, 2021$0.0601$461.14M
Sep Thursday 30th, 2021$0.0464$7.07M
Sep Wednesday 29th, 2021$0.0465$21.22M
Sep Tuesday 28th, 2021$0.0495$6.07M
Sep Monday 27th, 2021$0.0485$4.47M
Sep Sunday 26th, 2021$0.0505$2.86M
Sep Saturday 25th, 2021$0.0489$4.58M
Sep Friday 24th, 2021$0.0533$4.21M
Sep Thursday 23rd, 2021$0.0518$7.17M
Sep Wednesday 22nd, 2021$0.0466$8.94M
Sep Tuesday 21st, 2021$0.0517$7.02M
Sep Monday 20th, 2021$0.0598$4.92M
Sep Sunday 19th, 2021$0.0625$5.2M
Sep Saturday 18th, 2021$0.0634$11.3M
Sep Friday 17th, 2021$0.0621$3.55M
Sep Thursday 16th, 2021$0.0624$4.67M
Sep Wednesday 15th, 2021$0.0612$3.32M
Sep Tuesday 14th, 2021$0.0596$4.33M
Sep Monday 13th, 2021$0.0617$5.03M
Sep Sunday 12th, 2021$0.0610$3.49M
Sep Saturday 11th, 2021$0.0616$7.79M
Sep Friday 10th, 2021$0.0641$13.66M
Sep Thursday 9th, 2021$0.0603$11.34M
Sep Wednesday 8th, 2021$0.0606$14.55M
Sep Tuesday 7th, 2021$0.0717$19.35M
Sep Monday 6th, 2021$0.0707$132.77M
Sep Sunday 5th, 2021$0.0735$33.44M
Sep Saturday 4th, 2021$0.0691$17.26M
Sep Friday 3rd, 2021$0.0653$11.64M
Sep Thursday 2nd, 2021$0.0648$11.48M
Sep Wednesday 1st, 2021$0.0633$7.56M
Aug Tuesday 31st, 2021$0.0616$6.65M
Aug Monday 30th, 2021$0.0632$7.5M
Aug Sunday 29th, 2021$0.0645$6.4M
Aug Saturday 28th, 2021$0.0648$7.59M
Aug Friday 27th, 2021$0.0620$8.07M
Aug Thursday 26th, 2021$0.0660$15.07M
Aug Wednesday 25th, 2021$0.0641$45.92M
Aug Tuesday 24th, 2021$0.0662$41.31M
Aug Monday 23rd, 2021$0.0621$9.42M
Aug Sunday 22nd, 2021$0.0633$9.95M