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Redacted Cartel Redacted Cartel (BTRFLY) Price is currently $1,537.23, is has a market cap of $359.45M and $23.26M volume has been traded in the past 24 hours.

Market capitalization of Redacted Cartel (BTRFLY)

Market cap: $359.45M

As of January 2022 Redacted Cartel has a market cap of 359.45M. This makes Redacted Cartel the world's 208th largest crypto project.

Price history of Redacted Cartel

Date Price Volume
Jan Thursday 20th, 2022$1,538.99$23.18M
Jan Thursday 20th, 2022$1,519.35$23.15M
Jan Thursday 20th, 2022$1,547.05$23.38M
Jan Thursday 20th, 2022$1,491.51$23.06M
Jan Thursday 20th, 2022$1,438.72$23.14M
Jan Thursday 20th, 2022$1,413.23$23.16M
Jan Thursday 20th, 2022$1,394.88$23.47M
Jan Thursday 20th, 2022$1,356.64$24.18M
Jan Thursday 20th, 2022$1,354.94$25.69M
Jan Thursday 20th, 2022$1,368.17$26.8M
Jan Thursday 20th, 2022$1,370.58$26.8M
Jan Thursday 20th, 2022$1,358.31$27.42M
Jan Wednesday 19th, 2022$1,359.46$28.02M
Jan Wednesday 19th, 2022$1,358.01$38.4M
Jan Wednesday 19th, 2022$1,427.51$43.76M
Jan Wednesday 19th, 2022$1,420.06$45.42M
Jan Wednesday 19th, 2022$1,463.76$52.35M
Jan Wednesday 19th, 2022$1,472.50$57.8M
Jan Wednesday 19th, 2022$1,421.14$56.51M
Jan Wednesday 19th, 2022$1,399.79$56.28M
Jan Wednesday 19th, 2022$1,335.11$54.33M
Jan Wednesday 19th, 2022$1,159.48$53.51M
Jan Wednesday 19th, 2022$1,164.96$55.22M
Jan Wednesday 19th, 2022$1,208.55$55.9M
Jan Wednesday 19th, 2022$1,186.39$54.44M
Jan Wednesday 19th, 2022$1,203.97$56M
Jan Wednesday 19th, 2022$1,169.93$54.85M
Jan Wednesday 19th, 2022$1,217.05$56.86M
Jan Wednesday 19th, 2022$1,312.60$60M
Jan Wednesday 19th, 2022$1,350.51$62.52M
Jan Wednesday 19th, 2022$1,377.61$64.33M
Jan Wednesday 19th, 2022$1,426.38$67.35M
Jan Wednesday 19th, 2022$1,466.35$64.93M
Jan Wednesday 19th, 2022$1,414.48$65.09M
Jan Wednesday 19th, 2022$1,367.13$63.3M
Jan Wednesday 19th, 2022$1,372.80$63.65M
Jan Tuesday 18th, 2022$1,401.96$65.76M
Jan Tuesday 18th, 2022$1,235.50$51.99M
Jan Tuesday 18th, 2022$1,082.99$45.14M
Jan Tuesday 18th, 2022$991.35$44.82M
Jan Tuesday 18th, 2022$961.69$41.61M
Jan Tuesday 18th, 2022$1,072.70$41.74M
Jan Tuesday 18th, 2022$1,080.68$39.84M
Jan Tuesday 18th, 2022$1,148.92$44.75M
Jan Tuesday 18th, 2022$1,076.05$48.96M
Jan Tuesday 18th, 2022$1,227.02$48.61M
Jan Tuesday 18th, 2022$1,324.28$48.99M
Jan Tuesday 18th, 2022$1,321.17$48.4M
Jan Tuesday 18th, 2022$1,288.20$47.74M
Jan Tuesday 18th, 2022$1,256.96$47.08M
Jan Tuesday 18th, 2022$1,258.42$46.73M
Jan Tuesday 18th, 2022$1,228.24$46.62M
Jan Tuesday 18th, 2022$1,257.82$48.28M
Jan Tuesday 18th, 2022$1,321.56$48.76M
Jan Tuesday 18th, 2022$1,379.41$50.96M
Jan Tuesday 18th, 2022$1,471.07$60.9M
Jan Tuesday 18th, 2022$1,531.84$75.19M
Jan Tuesday 18th, 2022$1,519.51$96.42M
Jan Tuesday 18th, 2022$1,511.45$95.63M
Jan Tuesday 18th, 2022$1,447.73$93.61M