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(MILK) Price is currently $0.0527, is has a market cap of $0 and $0 volume has been traded in the past 24 hours.

Market capitalization of (MILK)

Market cap: $0

As of June 2022 has a market cap of 0. This makes the world's 6387th largest crypto project.

Price history of

Date Price Volume
Jun Sunday 5th, 2022$0.0527$0
Jun Saturday 4th, 2022$0.0527$0
Jun Saturday 4th, 2022$0.0527$0
Jun Friday 3rd, 2022$0.0527$0
May Sunday 29th, 2022$0.0528$0
May Saturday 28th, 2022$0.0528$0
May Friday 27th, 2022$0.0529$80
May Thursday 26th, 2022$0.0529$80
May Saturday 21st, 2022$0.0601$0
May Friday 20th, 2022$0.0601$1
May Thursday 19th, 2022$0.0603$0
May Wednesday 18th, 2022$0.0603$49
May Tuesday 17th, 2022$0.0603$49
May Monday 9th, 2022$0.0601$0
May Sunday 8th, 2022$0.0601$0
May Saturday 7th, 2022$0.0601$272
May Friday 6th, 2022$0.0882$0
May Thursday 5th, 2022$0.0885$0
May Wednesday 4th, 2022$0.0885$0
May Tuesday 3rd, 2022$0.1009$0
May Monday 2nd, 2022$0.1009$0
May Sunday 1st, 2022$0.1007$0
Apr Saturday 30th, 2022$0.1007$0
Apr Friday 29th, 2022$0.1008$1
Apr Thursday 28th, 2022$0.1006$4
Apr Wednesday 27th, 2022$0.1006$4
Apr Tuesday 26th, 2022$0.1012$0
Apr Monday 25th, 2022$0.1012$0
Apr Sunday 24th, 2022$0.1011$0
Apr Saturday 23rd, 2022$0.1011$1
Apr Friday 22nd, 2022$0.1011$3
Apr Thursday 21st, 2022$0.1016$2
Apr Wednesday 20th, 2022$0.1019$276
Apr Tuesday 19th, 2022$0.1052$814
Apr Monday 18th, 2022$0.1047$174
Apr Sunday 17th, 2022$0.1242$145
Apr Saturday 16th, 2022$0.1323$205
Apr Friday 15th, 2022$0.1619$69
Apr Thursday 14th, 2022$0.1697$233
Apr Wednesday 13th, 2022$0.1973$374
Apr Tuesday 12th, 2022$0.2634$307
Apr Monday 11th, 2022$0.3263$597
Apr Sunday 10th, 2022$0.3330$613
Apr Saturday 9th, 2022$0.3469$690
Apr Friday 8th, 2022$0.3671$902
Apr Thursday 7th, 2022$0.5474$1.15K
Apr Wednesday 6th, 2022$0.8288$2.33K
Apr Tuesday 5th, 2022$1.32$6.98K
Apr Monday 4th, 2022$1.89$8.26K
Apr Sunday 3rd, 2022$2.24$5.95K
Apr Saturday 2nd, 2022$2.54$4.94K
Apr Friday 1st, 2022$2.83$5.17K
Mar Thursday 31st, 2022$3.12$7.93K
Mar Wednesday 30th, 2022$3.66$10.49K
Mar Tuesday 29th, 2022$4.03$11.63K
Mar Monday 28th, 2022$4.37$14.22K
Mar Sunday 27th, 2022$4.75$27.36K
Mar Saturday 26th, 2022$5.57$17.07K
Mar Friday 25th, 2022$6.10$13.1K
Mar Thursday 24th, 2022$6.42$18.76K