HUSD Market There are 57 markets available to trade HUSD they are all listed below, new exchanges are added daily so please keep checking back for updates. A total $29.43M volume has been traded in the past 24 hours for HUSD.

HUSD Markets

Trading Volume: $158.89M

As of June 2022 HUSD has a market cap of 158.89M. This makes HUSD the world's 25th largest crypto project.

Exchange Pair Volume
Huobi GlobalUSDT/HUSD$80.07M
Huobi GlobalETH/HUSD$5.76M
Huobi GlobalBTC/HUSD$5.19M
Huobi GlobalXRP/HUSD$5.13M
Huobi GlobalUSDC/HUSD$1.05M
Huobi GlobalDOT/HUSD$716.75K
Huobi GlobalLTC/HUSD$704.12K
Huobi GlobalDOGE/HUSD$666.91K
Huobi GlobalOMG/HUSD$659.59K
Huobi GlobalHT/HUSD$529.15K
Huobi GlobalEOS/HUSD$514.93K
Huobi GlobalZRX/HUSD$511.42K
Huobi GlobalAAVE/HUSD$501.01K
Huobi GlobalMKR/HUSD$462.42K
Huobi GlobalADA/HUSD$432.79K
Huobi GlobalALGO/HUSD$420.43K
Huobi GlobalUNI/HUSD$416.33K
Huobi GlobalSUSHI/HUS$379.11K
Huobi GlobalYFI/HUSD$353.33K
Huobi GlobalBCH/HUSD$315.94K
Huobi GlobalFIL/HUSD$291.6K
Huobi GlobalAKRO/HUSD$289.11K
Huobi GlobalTRX/HUSD$273.15K
Huobi GlobalXTZ/HUSD$254.79K
Huobi GlobalXLM/HUSD$239.02K
Huobi GlobalDASH/HUSD$219.83K
Huobi GlobalZEC/HUSD$215.24K
Huobi GlobalTUSD/HUSD$177.19K
Huobi GlobalCRV/HUSD$172.35K
Huobi GlobalLINK/HUSD$171.83K
Huobi GlobalTHETA/HUS$160.8K
Huobi GlobalKAVA/HUSD$142.32K
Huobi GlobalBSV/HUSD$137.55K
Huobi GlobalETC/HUSD$119.28K
Huobi GlobalREN/HUSD$115.66K
Huobi GlobalKNC/HUSD$89.32K
Huobi GlobalIOST/HUSD$80.63K
Huobi GlobalNEST/HUSD$77.4K
Huobi GlobalQTUM/HUSD$58.48K
Huobi GlobalPAX/HUSD$57.73K
Huobi GlobalVET/HUSD$55.91K
Huobi GlobalRSR/HUSD$50.67K
Huobi GlobalBAND/HUSD$46.12K
Huobi GlobalZIL/HUSD$41.72K
Huobi GlobalDAI/HUSD$41.61K
Huobi GlobalIRIS/HUSD$40.17K
Huobi GlobalKSM/HUSD$37.94K
Huobi GlobalONT/HUSD$35.99K
Huobi GlobalBTM/HUSD$31.23K
Huobi GlobalNEO/HUSD$9.06K
Uniswap (v2)HUSD/ETH $8.89K

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