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Freebase(0.00 / 0 votes)Rate this definition: A coin is a piece of hard material that is standardized in weight, is produced in large quantities in order to facilitate trade, and is used primarily as a medium of exchange or legal tender.

Market capitalization of (EFT)

Market cap: $0

As of June 2022 has a market cap of 0. This makes the world's 7732nd largest crypto project.

Price history of

Date Price Volume
Jun Wednesday 29th, 2022$0.0000$39
Jun Wednesday 29th, 2022$0.0000$40
Jun Tuesday 28th, 2022$0.0000$204
Jun Monday 27th, 2022$0.0000$163
Jun Sunday 26th, 2022$0.0000$1.41K
Jun Saturday 25th, 2022$0.0000$916
Jun Friday 24th, 2022$0.0000$440
Jun Thursday 23rd, 2022$0.0000$41
Jun Wednesday 22nd, 2022$0.0000$343
Jun Tuesday 21st, 2022$0.0000$11
Jun Monday 20th, 2022$0.0000$943
Jun Sunday 19th, 2022$0.0000$890
Jun Saturday 18th, 2022$0.0000$43
Jun Friday 17th, 2022$0.0000$84
Jun Thursday 16th, 2022$0.0000$191
Jun Wednesday 15th, 2022$0.0000$363
Jun Tuesday 14th, 2022$0.0000$712
Jun Monday 13th, 2022$0.0000$2.18K
Jun Sunday 12th, 2022$0.0000$5.97K
Jun Saturday 11th, 2022$0.0000$7
Jun Friday 10th, 2022$0.0000$799
Jun Thursday 9th, 2022$0.0000$12
Jun Wednesday 8th, 2022$0.0000$188
Jun Tuesday 7th, 2022$0.0000$230
Jun Monday 6th, 2022$0.0000$930
Jun Sunday 5th, 2022$0.0000$921
Jun Saturday 4th, 2022$0.0000$724
Jun Friday 3rd, 2022$0.0000$2.27K
Jun Thursday 2nd, 2022$0.0000$471
Jun Wednesday 1st, 2022$0.0000$27
May Tuesday 31st, 2022$0.0000$780
May Monday 30th, 2022$0.0000$5.43K
May Sunday 29th, 2022$0.0000$2.09K
May Saturday 28th, 2022$0.0000$2.51K
May Friday 27th, 2022$0.0000$401
May Thursday 26th, 2022$0.0000$301
May Wednesday 25th, 2022$0.0000$629
May Tuesday 24th, 2022$0.0000$117
May Monday 23rd, 2022$0.0000$250
May Sunday 22nd, 2022$0.0000$1.61K
May Saturday 21st, 2022$0.0000$849
May Friday 20th, 2022$0.0000$166
May Thursday 19th, 2022$0.0000$127
May Wednesday 18th, 2022$0.0000$11.75K
May Tuesday 17th, 2022$0.0000$2.24K
May Monday 16th, 2022$0.0000$1.41K
May Sunday 15th, 2022$0.0000$6.93K
May Saturday 14th, 2022$0.0000$2.8K
May Friday 13th, 2022$0.0000$2.29K
May Thursday 12th, 2022$0.0000$228
May Wednesday 11th, 2022$0.0000$1.72K
May Tuesday 10th, 2022$0.0000$455
May Monday 9th, 2022$0.0000$1.19K
May Sunday 8th, 2022$0.0000$206
May Saturday 7th, 2022$0.0000$1.51K
May Friday 6th, 2022$0.0000$2.14K
May Thursday 5th, 2022$0.0000$6.86K
May Wednesday 4th, 2022$0.0000$916
May Tuesday 3rd, 2022$0.0000$10.22K
May Monday 2nd, 2022$0.0000$2.87K