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Dopex Chainlink oracles provide Dopex with pricing and volatility data. Dopex utilizes two seperate tokens to coordinate new ecosystem dynamics in a synergistic feedback loop. DPX is the limited supply governance token. It accrues fees and revenue from pools, vaults and wrappers.

Market capitalization of Dopex (DPX)

Market cap: $58.36M

As of December 2022 Dopex has a market cap of 58.36M. This makes Dopex the world's 285th largest crypto project.

Price history of Dopex

Date Price Volume
Dec Tuesday 6th, 2022$254.54$596.25K
Dec Tuesday 6th, 2022$251.18$602.02K
Dec Monday 5th, 2022$247.33$412.8K
Dec Sunday 4th, 2022$225.26$436.23K
Dec Saturday 3rd, 2022$245.97$868.72K
Dec Friday 2nd, 2022$236.00$486.6K
Dec Thursday 1st, 2022$258.46$964.13K
Nov Wednesday 30th, 2022$235.46$470.45K
Nov Tuesday 29th, 2022$216.01$488.26K
Nov Monday 28th, 2022$229.75$228.28K
Nov Sunday 27th, 2022$226.61$333.9K
Nov Saturday 26th, 2022$222.08$503.01K
Nov Friday 25th, 2022$205.52$375.7K
Nov Thursday 24th, 2022$204.35$553.25K
Nov Wednesday 23rd, 2022$183.92$1.04M
Nov Tuesday 22nd, 2022$189.27$828.27K
Nov Monday 21st, 2022$187.13$590.85K
Nov Sunday 20th, 2022$204.81$251.72K
Nov Saturday 19th, 2022$196.33$839.15K
Nov Friday 18th, 2022$206.27$784.65K
Nov Thursday 17th, 2022$208.74$343.66K
Nov Wednesday 16th, 2022$213.67$1.11M
Nov Tuesday 15th, 2022$197.33$642.05K
Nov Monday 14th, 2022$185.24$704.58K
Nov Sunday 13th, 2022$184.74$654.89K
Nov Saturday 12th, 2022$179.51$990.81K
Nov Friday 11th, 2022$209.02$2.06M
Nov Thursday 10th, 2022$144.12$1.73M
Nov Wednesday 9th, 2022$224.15$2.7M
Nov Tuesday 8th, 2022$285.99$619.48K
Nov Monday 7th, 2022$295.63$301.52K
Nov Sunday 6th, 2022$310.73$432.19K
Nov Saturday 5th, 2022$331.19$1.64M
Nov Friday 4th, 2022$295.88$605.37K
Nov Thursday 3rd, 2022$295.02$1.52M
Nov Wednesday 2nd, 2022$315.23$754.02K
Nov Tuesday 1st, 2022$316.63$725.48K
Oct Monday 31st, 2022$375.98$5.84M
Oct Sunday 30th, 2022$339.89$712.15K
Oct Saturday 29th, 2022$332.27$1.45M
Oct Friday 28th, 2022$285.46$866.06K
Oct Thursday 27th, 2022$300.97$1.02M
Oct Wednesday 26th, 2022$261.97$1.44M
Oct Tuesday 25th, 2022$246.99$495.86K
Oct Monday 24th, 2022$251.56$588.12K
Oct Sunday 23rd, 2022$229.28$193.99K
Oct Saturday 22nd, 2022$227.65$592.74K
Oct Friday 21st, 2022$216.44$830.95K
Oct Thursday 20th, 2022$231.40$367.67K
Oct Wednesday 19th, 2022$230.98$519K
Oct Tuesday 18th, 2022$240.40$369.2K
Oct Monday 17th, 2022$234.80$296.45K
Oct Sunday 16th, 2022$225.47$250.26K
Oct Saturday 15th, 2022$232.53$692.14K
Oct Friday 14th, 2022$243.59$1.1M
Oct Thursday 13th, 2022$233.57$1.44M
Oct Wednesday 12th, 2022$229.40$1.18M
Oct Tuesday 11th, 2022$237.74$686.52K
Oct Monday 10th, 2022$254.62$508.36K
Oct Sunday 9th, 2022$240.35$213.94K