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DigiByte Like Bitcoin, DigiByte is a UTXO-based cryptocurrencyCryptocurrencyA cryptocurrency (or crypto currency) is a medium of exchange using cryptography to secure the transactions and to control the creation of new units. Cryptocurrencies are a subset of alternative currencies, or specifically of digital currencies. Bitcoin became the first decentralized cryptocurr…en.wikipedia.org. This means that new transactions don’t come from a wallet “balance.” Instead, each individual coin has an identifier. When a coin enters your wallet, it is considered “unspent” by your wallet.

Market capitalization of DigiByte (DGB)

Market cap: $0

As of October 2021 DigiByte has a market cap of 0. This makes DigiByte the world's 115th largest crypto project.

Price history of DigiByte

Date Price Volume
Oct Wednesday 20th, 2021$0.0504$28.87M
Oct Tuesday 19th, 2021$0.0486$23.68M
Oct Monday 18th, 2021$0.0501$26.48M
Oct Sunday 17th, 2021$0.0508$24.61M
Oct Saturday 16th, 2021$0.0504$32.11M
Oct Friday 15th, 2021$0.0490$26.17M
Oct Thursday 14th, 2021$0.0488$20.58M
Oct Wednesday 13th, 2021$0.0482$25.77M
Oct Tuesday 12th, 2021$0.0484$21.84M
Oct Monday 11th, 2021$0.0480$23.27M
Oct Sunday 10th, 2021$0.0516$23.11M
Oct Saturday 9th, 2021$0.0504$26.15M
Oct Friday 8th, 2021$0.0530$34.9M
Oct Thursday 7th, 2021$0.0517$42.25M
Oct Wednesday 6th, 2021$0.0542$48.38M
Oct Tuesday 5th, 2021$0.0479$24.16M
Oct Monday 4th, 2021$0.0485$32.25M
Oct Sunday 3rd, 2021$0.0494$22.04M
Oct Saturday 2nd, 2021$0.0490$21.64M
Oct Friday 1st, 2021$0.0447$17.81M
Sep Thursday 30th, 2021$0.0428$14.5M
Sep Wednesday 29th, 2021$0.0417$20.04M
Sep Tuesday 28th, 2021$0.0433$16.31M
Sep Monday 27th, 2021$0.0449$19.21M
Sep Sunday 26th, 2021$0.0466$19.37M
Sep Saturday 25th, 2021$0.0468$26.54M
Sep Friday 24th, 2021$0.0509$21.16M
Sep Thursday 23rd, 2021$0.0497$26.97M
Sep Wednesday 22nd, 2021$0.0437$26.08M
Sep Tuesday 21st, 2021$0.0471$37.65M
Sep Monday 20th, 2021$0.0558$17.12M
Sep Sunday 19th, 2021$0.0570$17.87M
Sep Saturday 18th, 2021$0.0560$23.3M
Sep Friday 17th, 2021$0.0577$32.25M
Sep Thursday 16th, 2021$0.0590$23.85M
Sep Wednesday 15th, 2021$0.0577$22.04M
Sep Tuesday 14th, 2021$0.0555$28.13M
Sep Monday 13th, 2021$0.0593$27.56M
Sep Sunday 12th, 2021$0.0582$36.69M
Sep Saturday 11th, 2021$0.0564$35.85M
Sep Friday 10th, 2021$0.0608$34.61M
Sep Thursday 9th, 2021$0.0615$45.8M
Sep Wednesday 8th, 2021$0.0602$83.66M
Sep Tuesday 7th, 2021$0.0787$99.71M
Sep Monday 6th, 2021$0.0710$40.34M
Sep Sunday 5th, 2021$0.0688$35.57M
Sep Saturday 4th, 2021$0.0666$39.98M
Sep Friday 3rd, 2021$0.0664$32.83M
Sep Thursday 2nd, 2021$0.0674$42.27M
Sep Wednesday 1st, 2021$0.0654$141.08M
Aug Tuesday 31st, 2021$0.0639$42.62M
Aug Monday 30th, 2021$0.0640$24.47M
Aug Sunday 29th, 2021$0.0649$21.65M
Aug Saturday 28th, 2021$0.0669$29.36M
Aug Friday 27th, 2021$0.0645$28.15M
Aug Thursday 26th, 2021$0.0705$29.84M
Aug Wednesday 25th, 2021$0.0698$42.34M
Aug Tuesday 24th, 2021$0.0748$40.73M
Aug Monday 23rd, 2021$0.0737$38.86M
Aug Sunday 22nd, 2021$0.0750$59.6M