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Dai What Is DAI [DAI]? DAI is an Ethereum-based stablecoin (stable-price cryptocurrency) whose issuance and development is managed by the Maker Protocol and the MakerDAO decentralized autonomous organization.

Market capitalization of Dai (DAI)

Market cap: $9.32B

As of September 2022 Dai has a market cap of 9.32B. This makes Dai the world's 10th largest crypto project.

Price history of Dai

Date Price Volume
Sep Thursday 29th, 2022$1.00$436.99M
Sep Thursday 29th, 2022$1.00$459.45M
Sep Wednesday 28th, 2022$1.00$360.35M
Sep Tuesday 27th, 2022$0.9996$333.44M
Sep Monday 26th, 2022$1.00$194.17M
Sep Sunday 25th, 2022$1.00$252.15M
Sep Saturday 24th, 2022$1.00$311.26M
Sep Friday 23rd, 2022$1.00$399.57M
Sep Thursday 22nd, 2022$0.9990$496.3M
Sep Wednesday 21st, 2022$0.9992$374.77M
Sep Tuesday 20th, 2022$1.00$506.29M
Sep Monday 19th, 2022$1.00$364.49M
Sep Sunday 18th, 2022$1.00$189.86M
Sep Saturday 17th, 2022$1.00$438.83M
Sep Friday 16th, 2022$0.9992$700.86M
Sep Thursday 15th, 2022$0.9993$713.82M
Sep Wednesday 14th, 2022$1.00$836.53M
Sep Tuesday 13th, 2022$0.9995$483.56M
Sep Monday 12th, 2022$0.9976$340.47M
Sep Sunday 11th, 2022$1.00$352.51M
Sep Saturday 10th, 2022$0.9992$489.82M
Sep Friday 9th, 2022$1.00$405.07M
Sep Thursday 8th, 2022$0.9996$524.71M
Sep Wednesday 7th, 2022$1.00$601M
Sep Tuesday 6th, 2022$0.9979$522.29M
Sep Monday 5th, 2022$1.00$503.52M
Sep Sunday 4th, 2022$1.00$225.08M
Sep Saturday 3rd, 2022$1.00$453.09M
Sep Friday 2nd, 2022$1.00$322.45M
Sep Thursday 1st, 2022$0.9990$505.18M
Aug Wednesday 31st, 2022$0.9988$586.57M
Aug Tuesday 30th, 2022$1.00$678.9M
Aug Monday 29th, 2022$1.00$328.44M
Aug Sunday 28th, 2022$1.00$455.34M
Aug Saturday 27th, 2022$1.00$557.14M
Aug Friday 26th, 2022$1.00$306.82M
Aug Thursday 25th, 2022$1.00$439.43M
Aug Wednesday 24th, 2022$1.00$505.75M
Aug Tuesday 23rd, 2022$1.00$507.05M
Aug Monday 22nd, 2022$1.00$433.7M
Aug Sunday 21st, 2022$1.00$527.66M
Aug Saturday 20th, 2022$1.00$833.08M
Aug Friday 19th, 2022$1.00$344.15M
Aug Thursday 18th, 2022$1.00$590.04M
Aug Wednesday 17th, 2022$1.00$533.74M
Aug Tuesday 16th, 2022$1.00$649.45M
Aug Monday 15th, 2022$0.9995$377.77M
Aug Sunday 14th, 2022$1.00$420.31M
Aug Saturday 13th, 2022$1.00$665.92M
Aug Friday 12th, 2022$1.00$895.45M
Aug Thursday 11th, 2022$1.00$714.15M
Aug Wednesday 10th, 2022$1.00$1.16B
Aug Tuesday 9th, 2022$1.00$2.93B
Aug Monday 8th, 2022$0.9995$374.75M
Aug Sunday 7th, 2022$1.00$570.91M
Aug Saturday 6th, 2022$1.00$636.52M
Aug Friday 5th, 2022$0.9992$663.78M
Aug Thursday 4th, 2022$1.00$435.42M
Aug Wednesday 3rd, 2022$1.00$893.59M
Aug Tuesday 2nd, 2022$1.00$847.89M