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Bitcoin Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency. It is a decentralized digital currency that is based on cryptography. As such, it can operate without the need of a central authority like a central bank or a company. It is unlike government-issued or fiat currencies such as US Dollars or Euro in which they are controlled by the country’s central bank. The decentralized nature allows it to operate on a peer-to-peer network whereby users are able to send funds to each other without going through intermediaries.

Market capitalization of Bitcoin (BTC)

Market cap: $0

As of September 2021 Bitcoin has a market cap of 0. This makes Bitcoin the world's 1st largest crypto project.

Price history of Bitcoin

Date Price Volume
Sep Tuesday 21st, 2021$41,379.87$42.22B
Sep Monday 20th, 2021$47,371.04$26.16B
Sep Sunday 19th, 2021$48,266.63$27.63B
Sep Saturday 18th, 2021$47,228.66$27.73B
Sep Friday 17th, 2021$47,879.47$31.58B
Sep Thursday 16th, 2021$48,186.53$30.04B
Sep Wednesday 15th, 2021$47,135.43$38.65B
Sep Tuesday 14th, 2021$45,139.83$40.68B
Sep Monday 13th, 2021$46,195.22$27.59B
Sep Sunday 12th, 2021$45,196.49$34.16B
Sep Saturday 11th, 2021$44,802.61$38.05B
Sep Friday 10th, 2021$46,518.94$38.58B
Sep Thursday 9th, 2021$46,085.03$48.15B
Sep Wednesday 8th, 2021$46,995.16$64.01B
Sep Tuesday 7th, 2021$52,739.80$37.53B
Sep Monday 6th, 2021$51,696.21$31.77B
Sep Sunday 5th, 2021$50,013.03$36.99B
Sep Saturday 4th, 2021$49,934.53$42.93B
Sep Friday 3rd, 2021$49,338.78$39.36B
Sep Thursday 2nd, 2021$48,823.06$39.06B
Sep Wednesday 1st, 2021$47,335.42$34.87B
Aug Tuesday 31st, 2021$47,124.25$32.33B
Aug Monday 30th, 2021$48,907.27$26.24B
Aug Sunday 29th, 2021$48,936.54$28.49B
Aug Saturday 28th, 2021$49,083.10$34.61B
Aug Friday 27th, 2021$47,229.07$33.77B
Aug Thursday 26th, 2021$49,002.70$33.52B
Aug Wednesday 25th, 2021$47,940.61$38.39B
Aug Tuesday 24th, 2021$49,518.58$35.8B
Aug Monday 23rd, 2021$49,250.54$27.11B
Aug Sunday 22nd, 2021$48,933.69$42.15B
Aug Saturday 21st, 2021$49,195.88$36.5B
Aug Friday 20th, 2021$46,745.03$38.43B
Aug Thursday 19th, 2021$45,015.47$34.67B
Aug Wednesday 18th, 2021$44,534.45$34.49B
Aug Tuesday 17th, 2021$46,031.76$34.22B
Aug Monday 16th, 2021$47,025.00$32.86B
Aug Sunday 15th, 2021$47,088.85$33.29B
Aug Saturday 14th, 2021$47,717.27$34.32B
Aug Friday 13th, 2021$44,495.21$35.84B
Aug Thursday 12th, 2021$45,652.06$35.68B
Aug Wednesday 11th, 2021$45,639.51$35.67B
Aug Tuesday 10th, 2021$46,311.00$42.73B
Aug Monday 9th, 2021$43,753.22$39.63B
Aug Sunday 8th, 2021$44,647.58$42.73B
Aug Saturday 7th, 2021$42,802.14$40.84B
Aug Friday 6th, 2021$40,825.38$38.53B
Aug Thursday 5th, 2021$39,751.58$27.75B
Aug Wednesday 4th, 2021$38,368.35$28.42B
Aug Tuesday 3rd, 2021$39,278.77$28.06B
Aug Monday 2nd, 2021$39,914.83$28.56B
Aug Sunday 1st, 2021$41,754.17$28.44B
Jul Saturday 31st, 2021$41,936.26$35.53B
Jul Friday 30th, 2021$39,977.76$28.72B
Jul Thursday 29th, 2021$40,031.20$41.37B
Jul Wednesday 28th, 2021$39,076.59$36.4B
Jul Tuesday 27th, 2021$37,281.92$53.55B
Jul Monday 26th, 2021$35,456.12$20.93B
Jul Sunday 25th, 2021$34,213.60$22.12B
Jul Saturday 24th, 2021$33,455.55$22.94B